Twitter Real Estate Tips – Tweet Your Listings

New technologies continue to make business easier and more exciting than ever. The recent introduction of social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are creating quite a buzz among the Real Estate community. It has never been easier to connect with people and share your listings.Twitter provides a large chat room feel where Realtors may list properties and answer questions asked by interested parties. It also gives the Realtor a chance to connect with new lenders and real estate investors. At Twitter, people choose the people they wish to follow and create a tailored list of friends. They may also choose to un-follow certain people at any given time.Be HonestCreate your Tweets with honesty in mind. Don’t mislead potential clients or trick them into visiting a home that isn’t what they’re looking for. A wasted trip may cost you a great lead. Home owners have become much more knowledgeable about the real estate business in the last couple of years. Mass foreclosures have taught home buyers what to look for and warning signs to avoid.Be BriefTwitter limits each message to 140 characters. As a Realtor, certain acronyms are used on a regular basis to describe a home. For instance when someone reads “4bed, 2.5 bth” it’s readily understood that the home has 4 bedrooms and 2 and one half bathrooms. Make the most of those acronyms while “Tweeting” your listings.Create CuriosityProvide a city name and brief description of the home. Links to photos or videos can take up valuable space and should always be shortened by using a service like TinyURL. A properly written Tweet may look similar to this: “New Listing Minneapolis. Single Fam Home 4bed, 2bth, fenced yard, great neighborhood. Starts at $98k.” Thirty-nine more characters allow you to link to the listing on your website or photos.This example provides valuable information for home buyers and real estate investors. They know up front that the home is an affordable single family home in Minneapolis with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a fenced yard and a great neighborhood. Encourage your Twitter followers to ask questions and answer them promptly.Obviously the information contained within a 140 character message isn’t going to provide all of the information buyers are looking for. Engage in conversation via tweets with followers. Really get to know what they’re looking for in a home so you can effectively tweet about listings they may be interested in.Tweet Open HousesAny time you have an open house, Tweet about it. Let your followers know when you will be there so they can plan to attend and get information about the property. Every professional Realtor knows that getting the interested party to tour the home is incredibly important to sealing the deal.Tweeting an open house should be done in much the same way as a new listing. When you tweet an open house, include the address. Make sure your followers know exactly where the home is. Interested followers will show up, especially if you’ve already created a relationship with them on Twitter.Make Use of Media Sharing WebsitesThe Internet makes it possible for a variety of websites to communicate. Posting your message to multiple sites can be quite time consuming. Look for websites that offer the possibility to post to multiple communities simultaneously. For example, when you post a photo to FriendFeed or TwitPic you have the option to post it to Twitter in the same instant.Use these services and others like them to your advantage. Don’t spam your followers with message after message, just share the important stuff. Keep a close eye on each community website you use and keep communication flowing freely. Buyers and investors enjoy building a relationship with their Realtor. Be the Realtor that provides them that opportunity.